Our Full Spectrum Of Tax Services Delivers Results

Managing property taxes is critical to a company’s management of its real estate portfolio. Cushman & Wakefield Property Tax Services strives to minimize property taxes for our clients and maximize impact on their bottom line.

Are You Paying Too Much Property Tax?

We believe that each tax paying entity should pay its fair share of property taxes, but we know that commercial, industrial and specialty real estate owners are often shouldering more than their fair share of the property tax burden. Property tax is typically the largest cost in property ownership after debt-service. Further, realty tax regimes vary significantly between provinces and local jurisdictions. Given the magnitude and complexity of this expense, property managers and owners are increasingly seeking Cushman &Wakefield’s professional expertise to manage this cost.

Our services include:

  • Tax recovery services
  • Tax budgeting and planning
  • Negotiation
  • Tax due diligence analysis
  • Litigation support
  • Assessment and tax audits and reviews
  • Compliance filing
  • Assessment valuation
  • Policy interpretation
  • Appeal advocacy